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By: Barry McMahon

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Here to help you make sense of holiday pay

Under EU law, full-time workers are entitled to four weeks’ holiday pay each year. Whilst this works as a general rule, variations, and the impact of coronavirus, can cause some confusion. For instance, part-time workers qualify on a pro-rata basis and self-employed persons receive no entitlement at all. And when an employee leaves, they may owe – or be owed – holiday pay, depending on their leaving date.

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There has traditionally been a lot of employer confusion around whether or not an employer must factor overtime or commission into an employee’s holiday pay, particularly in light of some recent EU decisions. However, it has long been the case that commission ought to be included in calculating holiday pay for commission-based employees, whereas overtime only needs to be included where it is “regular and rostered”.

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With ever-changing legislation and constant COVID-19-related setbacks, it’s hard to keep up on the right way to calculate holiday pay for your workforce. That’s why more and more businesses rely on Employers Direct for HR and employment law advice. We’ve more than 30 years’ experience when it comes to looking after businesses just like yours throughout Ireland. You can trust our fully qualified experts for practical guidance that always takes into account the very latest rules and regulations governing holiday pay in Ireland.

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