Expert Advice On The Working Time Act

By: Zoe Larkin

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At Employers Direct, we offer expert advice on the Working Time Act in Ireland, exclusively for employers.

We can advise on all aspects of staff working hours and annual leave including:

  • Maximum working hours
  • Rest break entitlements
  • Industry-specific rules
  • Sunday premium pay

Here to help you make sense of the Working Time Act

The Organisation of Working Time Act (OWTA) is a comprehensive piece of legislation which governs many of the day-to-day matters surrounding employment and how you manage your business.

It was introduced to protect the health and safety of all employees whether in full-time or part-time employment, under a contract of employment, apprenticeship, or employed through an agency. As an employer, it’s important to adhere to the legislation while having to manage your workforce during the coronavirus crisis, not only from a legal perspective, but also to ensure your employees have the appropriate rest time to be able to perform their daily duties safely and to the standard your business has set.

Importantly, certain industries have unique working time rules and employers are strongly advised to seek specific advice on their own business with respect to these rules. There are also differing working time rules that apply to young persons (i.e. 16 and 17-year-olds) and children (i.e. under 16s).

Sunday working time is another common area of concern for employers as Sunday work carries with it a premium payment for hours worked. The OWTA does not specify what the premium payment should be, but it does specify that it should be ‘reasonable’.

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The law surrounding working hours and annual leave can be difficult to navigate without expert help on your side – and mistakes can prove costly for your business – the last thing you need right now. As employment law and HR specialists however, Employers Direct is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring you’re well prepared for any eventuality. Whatever the issue, our experts are on hand to provide support for your business.

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