What is a safety statement?

Under health & safety law, employers must carry out risk assessments and prepare an appropriate safety statement. A safety statement is a written programme that sets out an action plan to safeguard the health & safety of employees while they are at work along with people who might be at your workplace such as customers, visitors and members of the public.

How do I respond to an employee’s banded hours’ request?

Under the Employment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act, 2018 employees have a right to request to be placed in a band of hours. You have four weeks to reply to an employee’s banded hours’ request. You should use the four-week period to review the employee’s working time records over the 12 months before the request being made. If the records reveal that the employee’s average weekly hours of work fall into a certain band, you must reply in writing to the employee to confirm that their request to be placed in the relevant band has been granted or set out your reasons for denying the request.

If an employee doesn’t show for work, what should I do?

An absenteeism policy typically requires employees to notify management of their absence as soon as reasonably possible. Confirm if the employee has made any efforts to contact you in the manner required by your policy. If the employee has not made contact, try to make contact to establish the cause of the absence. It is good practice to ensure you record the time and the methods you used to establish contact. You should conduct a return to work interview with the employee immediately on their return to the workplace. Depending on the employee’s explanation, it may be necessary to take action under your disciplinary procedures.