Am I legally obliged to pay employees for overtime?

Overtime is work done outside contractual working hours. Employers do not have a legal obligation to pay employees for work completed in overtime but some sort of incentive is likely to be necessary if you need employees to work overtime. Whatever the position on overtime is, it should be clearly set out in the contract of employment. Certain sectors (contract cleaning and security) are covered by Employment Regulation Orders or Sectoral Employment Orders (construction and mechanical engineering building services).

Do I have to pay a bonus payment to an employee who is on maternity leave?

Employees on maternity leave have the right to benefit from their normal terms and conditions of employment save for remuneration/pay. While bonus payments are deemed to be remuneration and strictly speaking do not need to be paid to employees who are on maternity leave, any performance-related bonus which was accrued prior to maternity leave commencing should be paid.     

Can I record employees in the workplace?

Only if they are aware of the location of the CCTV cameras. You should highlight the use of CCTV and promote awareness amongst users of the building (such as staff, contractors, visitors, etc) of the security surveillance system around your premises. You should advise staff that if disciplinary or other investigative action is being conducted, CCTV footage may be sought and used where it can assist the process. Employees should also be advised that they are entitled to request CCTV footage in any such investigative or disciplinary action.