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By: Mick O'Toole

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Running a business is not an easy job, with so many things to concentrate on: customers, suppliers, cash-flows, competitors and most of all your staff.

Often it’s the staff issues that can be the most time consuming and delicate. When you do get an employee problem you’ll need professional and accurate advice, that’s where we can help.

Professional guidance on the Workplace Relations Act

The Workplace Relations Act 2015 came into force on 1st October 2015 and has revolutionised and greatly reformed the Irish employment tribunal system in addition to workplace inspections.

Since its enactment, circa 3,000 cases have been lodged under the new tribunal system. The volume of cases lodged highlights the importance of HR practices in an organisation. It shows that the new system has not acted as a deterrent to lodging claims and employers need to be ready to defend themselves as vigorously as ever.

Previously, claims could be heard in the Labour Relations Commission, the Employment Appeals Tribunal and the Equality Tribunal in the first instance and appealed to the Employment Appeals Tribunal, Labour Court, Circuit Court or High Court depending on the case lodged. This often led to a common ploy whereby claimants would lodge claims in every forum, regardless of merit, in order to overwhelm the employer and prompt an early, commercial settlement.

The new system requires that all employment claims are heard at first instance by the Workplace Relations Commission (WRC). The WRC has therefore absorbed all those duties from the LRC, EAT and Equality Tribunal. The WRC has also absorbed the functions of NERA and will be responsible for general employment law compliance and workplace inspections.

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At Employers Direct we offer advice on all aspects of the Workplace Relations Act. Our qualified professionals are always available to speak to you about any employee issues you may be facing. With vast experience in matters such as conflict, absence, maternity, discrimination – or any other employment law matter – we are always prepared for any situation.

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