We help employers to win tribunals

By: Mick O'Toole

If you’re an employer who is facing an Employment Tribunal – we can help and our success rate speaks for itself.

Employment Tribunals are our domain, it’s what we do, it’s our area of expertise – so give one of our advocates a call, let them take the strain and help you prepare for and more importantly win that Tribunal.

We don’t have a magic formula, we help employers win their cases because we know exactly how to prepare, defend and approach each case. Understanding the procedures and all the current legislation is the key to our success. Gathering all the facts and details in a logical fashion than presenting the information in a precise and compelling way. We know what the Tribunal panel is looking for and we concentrate all our effort on the issues that matter.

We have been specialising in this area since 1983 and we are involved in hundreds of cases every year – many of them don’t even reach the final stages – such is our impact. For most business owners and employers, Tribunals are a frightening prospect and can cause stress and worry – we will help you avoid all of that. Right from the start we will take control and prepare your response, step-by-step.

Our advisers and legal team are commercially minded and they will leave you to get on with your job while handling the paperwork and documentation.

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