Expert Employment Law Advice

By: Barry McMahon

At Employers Direct, we offer free employment law advice based on WRC (formerly the Labour Relations Commission) Codes of Practice, exclusively for employers. This way, you receive dedicated employment law advice designed to help you deal with key business issues.

Whether it’s dealing with a redundancy or a grievance, our employment law experts take the weight off your shoulders and allow you to focus on running your business. Or, you may be thinking about implementing a flexible working model, such as hybrid (blended) working or remote working. If so, we can help you establish an effective performance management system or process so your business continues to grow. Based on the latest employment law, our advice will free up your time so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Qualified experts who are here to help you

With over 30 years’ experience in offering free employment law advice, we’ve built a reputation for unrivalled service. Our qualified experts are always available to speak to you about any business issue you’re experiencing. From free advice on employment law to representation before the Workplace Relations Commission and Labour Court (formerly Employment Appeals Tribunal), we’re here for you. The peace of mind that brings is invaluable and allows you to deal confidently and quickly with issues that could leave your business vulnerable.

By following a proven and stringent process of taking statements, briefing witnesses, and undertaking in-depth case by case research, we’re able to boast a success rate of 88% in all previous employment law cases.

Free commercial Employment Law advice without the jargon.

Get peace of mind that will save you time, worry, and money

Besides saving you time and worry, our free employment law advice can also save your business money. Vast experience in areas such as redundancyabsencematernity, employment contracts means we are always prepared for any situation. We can also help you with annual leave entitlements, bereavement leave, and parental leave. If we can help you avoid a costly WRC claim, then our job is complete.

For free employment law advice based on the WRC Codes of Practice, call the employers helpline, Employers Direct, now on 0818 130 024.