Expert Employment Contract Advice & Support

By: Zoe Larkin

At Employers Direct, we specialise in all things employment law and HR, including providing employment contracts and documentation exclusively for employers in any industry. Why? Because your time is precious during the coronavirus crisis and we want to save you the hassle.

There can often be certain loopholes that arise in an employment contract that aren’t immediately apparent

No two businesses will have the exact same requirements when it comes to the writing of workers contracts or other vital documentation, so it’s important that you don’t fall foul of anything that could end up costing you if they’ve not been thought of or rectified.

Employers Direct experts free up your time and allow you to continue doing what you do best ─ running your business.

By contacting Employers Direct for advice on employment contracts and documentation, we can ensure that any unforeseen issues are covered.

Employers Direct helped me to put solid contracts and policies in place.

With labour costs under pressure due to COVID-19, you may need to change key terms in your employment contracts like pay or hours of work. Employers Direct can help you do that.

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