Essential Employee Sickness Advice

By: Barry McMahon

Look after your company and employees with help from Employers Direct

Employers Direct experts offer:

  • Effective and practical guidance based on best practice advice and WRC Codes of Practice.
  • Advice on how to implement workable sickness policies and procedures as well as advice on sick pay in Ireland.
  • Guidance on reducing the risk of wrongful dismissal due to employee sickness.

Make sure employee sickness doesn’t affect your business’s wellbeing

Dealing with employee sickness can be one of the most difficult issues facing an employer. Combining HR and employment law concerns, it demands an approach that delivers the best solution for the employee and the business. That’s why it’s essential both parties know where they stand from the outset. The first step is to have effective employee sickness policies and procedures in place.

Thousands of Irish businesses trust Employers Direct for employee sickness advice

With more than 30 years’ experience looking after countless businesses throughout Ireland, you can trust Employers Direct to deliver an effective and sustainable employee sickness and absenteeism policy. As well as our HR outsourcing services – which help you establish contractual clauses around employee sickness and absenteeism – you can benefit from HR online management tools which evaluate employee sickness and absence records. By identifying trends and patterns, they provide the basis for an informed interview with the employee in question.

The advice helped me get my staff back in the office.

With Employers Direct on your side, employee sickness is taken care of

Whether it’s persistent long-term non-attendance or a coronavirus-related absence, you can count on Employers Direct. With our fully qualified team of experts managing employee sickness issues, you also have more time to dedicate to your business. Using the most current employment advice, you can be sure that our service is always up to date and in line with current employment legislation.

For further help with employee sickness, call Employers Direct now on 0818 130 024.