Can I use zero hour contracts to cover unpredictable work demand?

From 1st March 2019, zero hour contracts will be prohibited unless there is a genuine requirement for a short-term relief or a casual employee. If you need cover for unpredictable work, it may be better to rely on an ‘if and when’ work arrangement. Under this arrangement, there is no obligation on you to provide work to the workers in question and likewise no obligation on the workers to accept any offers of work. This type of arrangement does not lead to the formation of a contract of employment and may be suitable for unpredictable casual work.

Do I need to set up a pension for my employees?

You are under no obligation as an employer to provide a pension scheme for your employees. You do have an obligation as an employer to give each employee access to a PRSA however. Your business’s banking partner can help you with providing access to a PRSA.

Am I legally obliged to issue an employee handbook?

Under unfair dismissals legislation, you are obliged to give employees a written statement of your business’s disciplinary/dismissal procedure no later than 28 days after entering a contract of employment. You are also required to provide employees with a statement of their main terms of employment under a separate employment law. The easiest way to comply with these legal obligations is to issue all employees with an employee handbook that contains all employment policies that are relevant to your organisation.